Class assignment for the week

Dear Art B20 Students:

As I mentioned in class last week, my father-in-law was very ill.

He passed away early this morning.

I am canceling classes for the week.

However, I do have an assignment that you need to complete by September 15 (next Monday) in lieu of class this week.

"Write me a quiz" Assignment

By now, you should have read Chapters 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 in the Illustrator Quickstart Guide (see syllabus).

I want you to write 5 quiz questions from each chapter, type them, print them out, staple them in the corner, and be ready to turn them in on September 15 at the beginning of class.

Here are some examples:
    Chapter 1

1.    Question 1
        What is the function of the graphic styles palette?
            The graphics palette lets you store and apply collections of appearance attributes.
            Page 25

Repeat, until you have 5 questions from each of the 6 chapters.

There are three parts to each question. To get all the points, you must:

    - Ask a question
    - Answer the question completely and intelligently.
    - Indicate the page number where the answer can be found.

There are a total of 90 points possible on this project. (5 questions x 3 parts x 6 chapters = 90 points)

The questions must pertain to instruction regarding Adobe Illustrator. Do not ask me about mechanics of the book, i.e., “What is the name of chapter 5?”

You can create True/False or Multiple Choice questions, but you must be complete in your answer and tell me WHY the answer is true or false, and include the page number of the information. The same thing with multiple choice, be complete.

Again: type the questions, print them out on paper, staple the pages together, and make sure your name is on the exam. Please plan ahead. You cannot print your questions out on the Digital Arts printers. There are no staplers in the lab. Use the computer commons if you do not have a computer at home. This is what you should be doing during class time this week.

The in-class Illustrator Tools quiz

There will also be an in-class tool quiz during the first 20 minutes of class on the September 15.

Remember page 40 in the book?

Study the tool names and functions.

If you are late to class and miss the quiz, you cannot make it up.

I’ll see you on September 15.

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  • Ask for help, do the work, and refuse to quit.

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Ask your professor for more information.

Now is the time to develop new habits.